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Ashley Lee

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You are the Chief Energy Officer (CEO) of your life and we facilitate you mastering your giftedness in the world by realizing and living The Miracle is YOU! This series will support you in strengthening your inner experience of creating the miracles you intend. Host Ashley Lee and co-host Annie Kolatkar will engage in intimate conversations with Global Influencers who will share how their stories, insights, and wisdom are available for each person to experience. These influencers live the proof they choose to create... and you can too!


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Ashley Lee

Ashley is an expert leader, innovator, and visionary in the field of Pediatric Advanced Energy Healing. She serves as a steward and guide for a multitude of child leaders who have already demonstrated a high level of self-realization, and who seek support on their self-actualized journey in their physical world experiences and their soon-to-be-realized leadership roles in being the change we all choose to create in these years of the awakening in the Golden Age.


As a pioneer in pediatric healing modalities for children with multisensory abilities, she creates an atmosphere where children, their siblings, and parents are able to explore and express their true natured selves.

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She is a medical intuitive, seer, empath, telepath, and multi-dimensional walker with many other masterful and highly attuned extra-sensory skill sets to guide children in mastering their innate abilities to skills sets that demonstrate heart-centered support for all facets of humanity and our planet Earth.


Ashley has also been a Pediatric/Newborn Cardiovascular Critical Care Nurse with over 30 years of expert experience, who demonstrates her expertise in a deep understanding of advanced human physiology. She also has extensive perceptive, intuitive, and leadership abilities.


She is a multidimensional physical and emotional empath, which includes accessing her deep telepathic skills, whereby she gives a voice for how her clients are feeling and thinking. She is a passionate advocate, where her client's needs are honored with enthusiasm and compassion. Additionally, Ashley has vast energetic expertise in supporting mothers and fetal children through all perinatal stages to enhance bonding and clear any developing physical energetic imbalances.


Go here to learn more about Ashley Lee Healing: Empowering highly sensitive people to be in balance.

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