About This Series:
Crystal Clear Kids: The purpose of this series is to support the collective who have been gifted the responsibility of caring for the Crystal and Rainbow Children arriving on our planet in waves. They are here to facilitate change and our evolution to higher frequencies and hold unique and special codes and vibrations. Many understand their gifts and the sensitivities they exude. Together we will cover the right nutrition, communication and support tactics allowing them to express their purpose through safety and compassion.


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Crystal Hilsley

Crystal is a skilled author, child food advisor, passionate clean food activist, authentic marketing specialist, storyteller, and mother. She embodies her coined tag phrase 'Bringing Clarity to Eating Well and Having Fun'.


She received her BS in Psychology, is a Certified Master Health and Wellness Coach and has extensive training in Parent Child Interactive Therapy. She utilizes methods proven to become a part of a child's emotional DNA and family support tactics in her work and incorporates a variety of effective learning tools into each story, workshop, and event.


Crystal helps overwhelmed parents change their relationships through food and mindfulness to create more calm, confident and connected kids. Crystal Clear Kids empowers families about food choices they can easily understand and get excited about.


Combining her love for helping others with the tools and steps families can easily incorporate to heal nutritional struggles, Crystal believes every family can have a healthy future. Her unique and highly effective approach incorporates participation from the whole family.

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