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The driving purpose of the Sounds of Coherence show is to bring to the world an understanding of the power of conscious music, sounds of coherence, and the intention behind it. Dr. Kathleen shares her brilliance as a music futurist, musician, researcher, and teacher. She shared conversations from the heart with invited scientists, doctors, healers, musicians and luminaries who join her on her show.


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Kathleen Riley, PhD

Kathleen Riley, PhD is a visionary, highly intuitive and passionate in her mission to help performing artists connect more deeply with their heart's intelligence and soul's purpose, creating coherence through music, dance, theater, visual arts, poetry and the spoken word.


She combines her expertise as a professional musician, extensive education and training in post-doctoral studies in neurophysiology and psychology, and certifications in biofeedback with a passion to see others thrive. This unique journey has guided Kathleen to create a very special approach to guide others to discover and connect more deeply to their authentic creative expression through heart coherence.


Dr. Kathleen's journey led her to become involved with the HeartMath Institute and go on to receive three certifications. While living in Cleveland, OH, she served on faculty at the Cleveland Institute of Music where she designed courses in Optimal Performance and ran a biofeedback lab. She shares that the power of biofeedback is that it is a window inside the body, and our bodies never lie. Seeing is believing. Her latest research study explored the effects of a shared heart intention among members of a string quartet on the musicians and audience members. The research was filmed and produced as a documentary, Intention: The Power of the Heart. In response to COVID-19, she has created the Global Coherent Performers Community, designed to bring musicians, scientists and researchers together to understand and explore how our intentions and sound frequencies affect the global field.

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