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R.E.A.L Breakthroughs

Reclaim Your Inner Truth

Season 1 Begins Oct 27th, 2021

Join Judy Jewett as she helps people release what doesn't serve them, so they have the clarity, confidence, and courage to fulfill their dreams. 


Subconscious beliefs, past traumas, self-doubt, fear, guilt, and shame are just some of the reasons stopping you from achieving your desires (no matter how hard you try).
















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Meet Your Host

Judy Jewett

For over 20 years as an international Intuitive Energy Healer, Judy has been helping coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs identify and eliminate the negative effects of blocked energy that have kept them from achieving the life they desire.


Founder of R.E.A.L. Healing Method©, Judy's method achieves fast and lasting results. Using integrative Body/Mind/Spirit practices, Judy helps her clients heal what doesn't serve them, allowing them to reclaim their confidence, so they have the courage to fulfill their dreams.


"Each of us is born with an inherent right to live the life we desire. We're also capable of healing that which prevents us from reaching our potential," says Judy. "When you get to the heart of what matters, you're able to embrace your authentic self, align with your highest purpose, and love the life you're living."


Judy holds a degree in Education and certifications in holistic health, indigenous healing modalities, massage therapy, and color therapy. She is a speaker and author of 5 Secret Hacks To Super Charge Your Energy, EZ Student Organizer, Enlightenment Made Easy, and soon-to-be-published R.E.A.L. Intuitive Breakthroughs.

Search for a Show, a Host, a Topic, or Products Below

Search for a Show, a Host,

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