Weekly episodes air Tuesdays at 4pm PT / 7pm ET

The first season begins May 18th, 2021

About This Series:
The BREATH is medicine. Each week Ceremonial Breathwork will take you on a journey to “remember” the fantastic tool you carry with you every day, your breath. Melissa will open sacred space and merge science and mysticism, sharing Shamanic Medicine Wheel techniques and a 21-minute pranayama experience. When we breathe together, we connect, we heal, we create a collective consciousness. Let us bring our hearts and minds together and shatter the trends.


WHY Breathwork?
Right now, our world is experiencing a profound shift. Breathing practices are vitally essential to create human restoration. It is needed in order for humanity to enjoy the gift of awakened consciousness. As a healer, Melissa feels a sense of responsibility towards others in need, regardless of their beliefs, culture, or creed… hurt, pain and suffering does not discriminate. Every human being on this planet needs some form of healing.


WHAT is Ceremonial Breathwork?
Ceremonial Breathwork is a journey to “remember” who you are. It is a rare individual style of breath practice created around the importance of ceremony and incorporates sacred plant medicine rituals from indigenous religions worldwide. The BREATH is the medicine.  The experience incorporates Shamanic elements, including the singing of “Icaro” (song of blessing), burning of Palos Santos, and Anointing of sacred oils allowing for the connection to nature, the spirit world, and universal oneness. Because of these elements, it is a unique experience not to be missed and allows for deep gentle healing for your body, mind, and spirit.

The first season of Ceremonial Breathwork begins on Tuesday, May 18th, 2021. The first episode of every season is always free. Also, every episode is free to watch while it's airing, with a free replay period.


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Melissa Terese McLaughlin

Melissa Terese McLaughlin is a Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Breathwork Facilitator and founder of Breathwork Worldwide. In 2012 she experienced a life-changing moment when she physically healed a back injury through the practice of breathwork. This event inspired her to immerse herself in the study of various holistic practices including Meditation, Shamanism and South American Plant Medicines.


Melissa holds a B.A. in Mass Communication from Emerson College in Boston MA. She is trained in Breathwork Facilitation through The Breath Center and Breathe Mastery "O2 Collective" certified through Dan Brule. She is a graduate of the "Shamanic Medicine Wheel" journey taught by John English. Currently, she trains with the Four Winds Society enhancing her shamanic healing skills with Dr. Alberto Villoldo and Marcela Lobos. Her passion is to share her ever-growing knowledge of holistic practices and merge them with trending science honoring her certifications in Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Neuroscience, and Light Energy Healing. 


Melissa's joy is mothering her three boys and spending valuable time with her husband Jamie on their farm in Richmond, VA. She is grateful to be able to teach the tools of self-discovery, transformation, and healing the Medicine Wheel and Breathwork has given her and is committed to introducing forms of ancient practices with those who are seeking a different approach to their own healing alongside the traditional approaches of western medicine.

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